The Characteristics Of Qualitative And Quantitative Research?

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Everyday assumptions and scientific inquiry can be construed as Qualitative and Quantitative research, respectively. Qualitative research is opinion based and/or subjective and interpretive. Quantitative research is number based, factual or mathematical in design. As we learn, we perceive the information in one of two ways: either by numerical and fact links or by opinionated tales. Both types of research are suitable, depending on each situation (, 2015). I will attempt to clarify both qualitative and quantitative research and to give examples of both. When we are young, we learn in many different ways. We are taught information (or facts) from instructors and textbooks in our education. Textbooks are essential to learning at any age, therefore; the information within them is considered to be quantified or hard fact. However, knowing that the books are written with statistics, facts from previous textbooks, magazines, newspaper articles, etc. we also need to realize that the author’s opinion is written as well. Factual information written for students requires research on all topics in education. Where does the information come from? How is it qualified to be ‘true’? Who states whether information written is completely quantitative or fiction? Scholars in every …show more content…
We know that there are 193 members of the United Nations, not including Taiwan which is to be considered by many NOT a country, but a province. We know that there are five oceans (Arctic, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Southern). We also know that there are roughly 6,500 spoken languages across the world. These are number-based and therefore are to be categorized as Quantitative data. Another example of quantitative inquiry or proven data is that the world, indeed, is not flat. Our earth is not exactly spherically round, but it is not

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