Diving Into William Wordsworth's Life

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Diving into William Wordsworth’s Life
Love for nature, strong emotions about life, and a wild imagination are all traits of the Romantic era. The people in the Romantic era enjoyed writing poetry about the things listed. The greatest poet of the Romanticism era is not Emily Dickinson or Walter Scott, even though they are great too, but it is William Wordsworth. Wordsworth is known as the Father of the Romanticism period. He has many famous literary works such as The Prelude, “I Wander Lonely Like A Cloud,” and “The Solitary Reaper.” In Wordsworth, “A Few Lines Composed Above Tintern Abbey,” he uses his past events, his profound poetry about nature, and historical aspects of the Romantic era that affected his poetry to make him write such an
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The most frequent device he uses is imagery. A great example of imagery is in lines 14 through 16 when Wordsworth says, “These hedge-rows, hardly hedge-rows, little lines Of sportive wood run wild: these pastoral farms, Green to the very door!” (“Lyric Poetry” 781). Wordsworth observes how the hedges slowly morph into the woods then to the house on the farm and while he writes about this it is like it paints it in your mind. Imagery is also seen in line 38 and it contrasts itself by saying “blessed moods” in contrast to “weary weight” and “unintelligible” (Robinson 1). To say none of the less, there is a great deal of imagery in the poem. Another literary device that is used in the poem is repetition. What is being repeated is “and the..” in the beginning of the poem (Robinson 2). In “Tintern Abbey,” the first stanza is crucial because it shows the reader how the poem is going to be formatted (Carabrinkey 1). Wordsworth constructed the poem in order so it would flow easier and more pleasing to the reader. Another way he does this is by the way he writes the poem in blank verse and in iambic pentameter (Robinson 2). Many poets write their poems in iambic pentameter because it gives the poem a beat. Wordsworth does a great job in making the poem appealing to the reader. There are many different literary devices in the poem “Tintern Abbey,” but he wrote this poem because of the stresses going on in the world at that

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