My Definition Of Autism

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Autism is a scary thing word to here for any parent and for that parent you can just imagine the amount of questions that are circling in their heads. Autism is a silent disorder, one might not recognize a person with Autism at first, but there are different levels of intensities that a person might go through. For a definition of Autism we will need to know where it originates. Autism’s origin is in the brain, as a neurological disorder that can cause a person to have bad language skills and social interactions. Some Autistic people might have problems with the everyday sensory areas of the brain, where the senses of a person might be overly heighten in areas. An Autistic person may have a chaotic behavior as well and might seem that have no clear boundaries on their life. In most cases, Autism is found in a child at the age of 3 when the parent notices the kid is not speaking at the same levels as the other children and not playing with kids the same age. The language will come back to the child, but …show more content…
They just need a ton of support and mostly more love than anything. In my classroom I am going to give an autistic kid more attention than most kids. I want to make this child feel like he or she is so comfortable in my class that no one in the class will have to see he/she have a panic attack. These kids just somebody in their life, to help them walk things through with them. In High-School one of my closest friends had Asperger Syndrome which is a kind of Autism. For him having this disorder he was the brunt of bullying and he really didn’t stand a chance against them. I’m telling this story, because I want the kids in my classroom to watch out for the kids and love these kids, because they can’t help that they have this disorder. If I just create an environment for them to feel comfortable and loved than that child will unlock their potential that they never thought they

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