The Characteristics Of A Responsible Person In My Family

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From my IPW result showed that I belong to the category of Gold colour personality. Gold colour personality symbolise a person who has some characteristics such as traditional, responsible, systematic, good thinking, loyalty, conservative, and focus the attention. In overall, the person which categorize in Gold colour personality is a responsible person in his/her life. For me, I believe that I am a responsible person for myself, my family, my friend and my studies. This is because as an eldest sister in my family, I am usually get ready to help my brother, sister and my mother to solve their problem in their studies and housework. If my brother and sister meet some problem or they need the suggestion, they always will ask my opinion and hope …show more content…
I usually release my anger to my mother or my family if I scolded by teachers at school or I felt stress about my studies. My action like that can explain as displacement which is one type of defence mechanism. Displacement involves taking out our frustrations, feelings and impulses on people or objects that are less threatening. At before, my brother and sister always complaint to my mother that I always scolded them if I unhappy but I just ignore them. But now I learn to get rid this bad habit and try to release my anger or stress through exercise or doing something healthy activities. I still remembered since I was young I always push my responsible to others if I did anything wrong or I get a bad result. For example, in my primary 3, I always came to class earlier and as a monitor, I always help to collect the exercise books. One of my friends, she just came to my desk and pass up her exercise book for me then I accidentally push my desk and cause her fell down and she get hurt. Due to her injury is worst then she called her mother come to fetch her. When her mother come to school and ask me the reason why her daughter fell down, I was scared and I pretended that I do not know what the reason is and I just claimed that she was accidentally fell down. I scared her mother blame me and scolded so I decided to cheat her mother and everyone. My action is one type of the defense mechanism which is rationalization. Rationalization involves explaining an unacceptable behaviour or feeling in a rational or logical manner, avoiding the true reasons for the

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