The Characteristics Of A Personality Disorder Essay example

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Sociopaths constitute 1-3% of the population and 15-25% are offenders or in prison. (Borja & Ostrosky 2010, p. 927) or 4% of the population are conscienceless sociopaths who have no empathy or feelings for animals or humans; but the exact number is still unknown because they mostly behave or act like a normal human being. No one knows who they are, they can be public servants, educators or the person who lives next door to you. Sociopaths are goal orientated people who suffer from antisocial personality disorder who do not understand consequences of guilt or remorse (O’Brien 2010, p. 4). Manipulative, pathological lying, shallow emotions, incapacity of love, lack of remorse, impulsive nature, parasitic lifestyle and early behavioural problems are few of the qualities a sociopath possess (H. Cleckley & R. Hare). So, how does one become a sociopath? It’s a common belief that the sociopath intent to harm others. Sociopaths mostly treat other people as objects, as they have very little feelings towards people. The claims of environmental factors as the cause are abundant in literature and empirical research. People who are abused in their life tend to turn into sociopaths due to the negativity created during their development. In brief, this paper will explain how abuse affects sociopathic behaviour through the forms of emotional, substance, sexual and physical abuse.

First of all emotional abuse can increase the development of sociopathic behaviour. Verbal abuse or…

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