The Characteristics Of A Bureaucracy Essay

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A bureaucracy is a word for an organization that has its own rules, regulations and organization of authority, to result in success. This is all established to make sure that everything is fair and highly efficient when organizing different structures. There are set functions, structure and order so that the set visions, mission and core values are met successfully. Hood College, a private liberal arts school in Frederick Maryland is not a perfect bureaucracy (no bureaucracy is perfect) but the college contains an ideal type. An ideal type is the model of the five characteristics of a bureaucracy. Hood College follows the five simple characteristics of a bureaucracy which leads to high efficiency in this institution. Max Weber ([1913-1922] 1947) proposed that in any institution, the purpose is to make sure that everything is ran efficiently, to be successful. This is part of the division of labor characteristic proposed by Weber. Hood College seeks to make sure that all administration have their own job titles and specific tasks. This provides organization and ensures maximum efficiency. All of Hood College’s administration have the responsibility of carrying out the college mission, core values and vision. Hood College has a president, President Chapdelaine whose responsibilities are to guide all planning, and any management of the social institution. The president herself is helped and accompanied by the provost, vice presidents, deans, chairpersons and directors. The…

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