The Changing Landscape Of Police Service Essay

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My research question would be “How the changing landscape of Police Service has created a need for more Modern Methods of Training as well as more modern and up to date Topics.” I know from just the last four years that my concentration has been more on training officers, that the way in which police officers especially new and younger ones learn and the topics covered have progressed from more traditional classroom and on the job settings to on-line learning with a goal of training being more accessible as well as modern in its approach.
On-line education has sought to make training more modern and relevant than traditional methods of classroom teaching with very little interaction between student and instructor. The biggest determining factor concerning changing to more modern On-Line methods has been tradition and perception. One study completed by Adult Education Quarterly examined how certain factors such as the perception of traditional methods over on-line methods were conducted and the results showed that. “Although most participants in the study say they prefer traditional instruction, the majority feel that OE (on-line education) is an appropriate delivery method for professional development and the use of OE for delivery of professional development provides increased training opportunities.” (Donavant. 2009)
Another way that modern law enforcement is examining the benefits and outcome of hiring officers having received higher education prior to employment, and…

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