The Changes Of The World Essay

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The Changes of the World.
Without engineering many things that we see today wouldn’t even exist. The history of engineering is an important part of the world, it shows how the early engineers thought and how they solved the problems they were having at the time with the technology they had back then. Engineering plays a huge role in today’s society, an engineer spends countless amounts of hours studying to design construct and test many different things.
There are many different types of engineers in this world, ranging from electrical engineers, to mechanical engineering and even to a nuclear engineer. An engineer uses the education they have gained to build the smallest of things like a microchip to the biggest like a skyscraper. Engineers of today haves a complex job, with all the technology advancement the world has had. The jobs of engineering are getting a lot more difficult and they are even decreasing.
The early history of engineering
Early history of engineering really impacted the way this world runs today, famous engineers like Thomas Edison, who created the light bulb and Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford automobiles. Just one thing that an engineer can create could go on for many years and helping this world in a way. Many great engineers turned their ideas into something that would benefit the world in its own way.
Henry Ford was a famous engineer of the country who helped change the world and started up his business Ford. “Henry Ford not only founded the…

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