Calculus In The Real World: Space Shuttle Launch

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Application of Calculus in the Real World – Space Shuttle Launch
Most people wonder what calculus can be used for in future career opportunities. For me this was easy to see because I knew what I wanted to go into. In the future, after college, I hope to go into the aerospace field and deal with things like planes, space shuttles and helicopters. At this point people, may not see the ridiculous amount of calculus I will use in the future, but in fact I will be using it daily. Whether it be calculating the space shuttle trajectory or how to handle the amount of turbulence one will face while flying in the air. Tons and tons of work go into the littlest things we don’t notice. I hope to be a part of helping people in similar situations in the future. The topic I wanted to further consider about the applications of calculus in it was space shuttle trajectory. I find space shuttles and the way they work fascinating so this subject was destined for me. At
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Finding values like these can help create a space shuttle simulation for future launches. We can use these values along with the mass, velocity, time, etc. to create something that will help us create safer launches for future operations. From this example, you can see that there is calculus out there in the world in everything you may do, whether it is as complex as a space shuttle being launched or as simple as making a cup of coffee in the morning. Calculus is one the most important subjects you will learn while in school and can be used to solve the most complex problems. In the future, I hope to be able to do something like this in the aerospace field. Maybe not as simple as this but hopefully my mechanical engineering degree can help place me in a decent career. I will continue to benefit from calculus for the rest of my

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