The Change Of A Change Agent ( Mitchell, 2013 ) Essay

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It has been said that the only permanent thing in society is change. As nurses in this period of change we need to make sure we keep up with the most up to date technology, keeping our skills and knowledge current with these changing times. Change is taking more and making it different and hopefully better. Change permits the prospect of a realizing your goals. Change can happen at any time, it can be sudden or it can happen over a long period of time. A true change does not affect one person it affects anyone who comes in contact with the change (Grossman, 2009). A planned change, which is a purposeful and collaborative effort to bring about improvements with the assistance of a change agent (Mitchell, 2013).
There are many forces that initiate change in health care. They can include rising costs of treatments, shortages in staffing, and professional obligations, such as clinical governance and codes of conduct, advances in science, and increase in geriatric population. There is also the desire to improve patient satisfaction and staff safety. The change agents need to keep in mind that change often fails due to an unstructured approach to execution. The change agent leads the project that creates the change. They define how the change will occur, select and identified who and what needs a change and troubleshoot it until the project is completed (Cohen, 2006).
Change theories are used to bring about a planned change. There are several known theorists…

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