The Challenges Of The Australian Culture Essay

1126 Words May 19th, 2016 null Page
Current Australian culture boasts its diverse equality in a time of multiculturalism across the country building a large minority of citizens. But many contradictions to this exist in the law and in communities. A large issue is the inequality thrust upon indigenous youth in Australia, being some of the last living descendants of the original citizens of this nation, it seems logical that they would receive the same treatment as every other citizen of Australia let alone the tools needed to continue to build and thrive as a people. Damage is being done to the history of aboriginal culture and the country itself as it is implemented as compulsory education in very few schools across the country, leading to indigenous teenagers being misunderstood by people, and in some cases their peers. Many teenagers with indigenous heritage experience harsh racism, health issues not immediately available to be resolved by the countries health care. I will be mainly using film and documentary to bolster my main points.
Being part of a culture that is constantly misinterpreted and misrepresented in the media has countless disadvantages to daily life, especially effecting the adolescent years of many indigenous teens. As the documentary film ‘Black Chicks Talking’ compiles stories from six women of aboriginal heritage with vastly different lives and backgrounds. Tammy Williams from Queensland is an example of a generation of indigenous women that spent their childhood years in the Australian…

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