The Challenges Of Emerging Adulthood Essay

1451 Words Oct 28th, 2015 null Page
Emerging Adulthood is a time that comes with a lot of change. Moving out of your parents’ house on your own or in with a partner, comes with more responsibilities and sometimes can be difficult. Individuals who decide to cohabitate with a partner can do it for serval reasons. Individuals may move in together to spend more time together, show commitment, or test the relationship before marriage. It is believed that about 2/3 of emerging adults cohabitate with a romantic partner, and out of that about 50-70% end up actually getting married to someone they cohabitated with before marriage (Gillen, 2015). That being said cohabitation with a partner can have negative effects on that relationship in the future and these should be considered seriously when deciding whether or not to co-habitat with a partner before marriage. Firstly, cohabitating with a partner before marriage can put less of an emphasis on marriage and children (Gillen, 2015). Partners think that since they already live together there is no real rush to get married, because how is marriage any different than living together other than having a piece of paper that says it’s official. This makes it possible to end the relationship whenever and is an easy escape if things aren’t working out. Marriage and cohabitation are very different though; marriage has been shown to have positive effects on the individuals such as psychological health, financial well-being, and emotional well-being while cohabitation does…

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