The Challenges Of Black Male Students Essay

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In this article, it discussed the challenges black young male students have in the school system. The article talked about how black male students seemed to enter secondary school way under the benchmark for their grade level. How they are more likely to be suspended and or expelled, and how they are less successful than students of other races. What stuck out to me were the graduation rates presented at the beginning of the article. It said that the U.S graduation rates for young black males is 47 percent compared to the 57 percent for Latinos and the 75 percent for white male students. And in large urban areas such as Detroit or New York City, it seems the graduation rate for the young black men range from 20 t0 30 percent. The issue itself is not all blamed on the children and if they are procrastinating or just lazy, the issue starts in the school itself. Not only is this an academic issue, but In my opinion, I believe it to also be a social issue as well. Seeing as these young men are not motivated because they see the negative affects of their surroundings. They are needed to be empowered to be something that would allow them to strive to be great and successful, they need to have role models and people to look up too. And with that being said that is how the Young Men’s Empowerment Program can into affect
The Young Men’s Empowerment Program did not impede on the education of the students. It did the exact opposite. In the program it allowed the young men of the…

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