The Last Ones Summary

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When immigrants decide to travel to America, they are faced with many challenges. Yuri Herrera, a Hispanic author, uses these challenges to inspire his short stories. In his stories, “The Objects” and “The Last Ones” Herrera writes about crossing the border, social hierarchy, and being used by others.
Herrera’s story, “The Objects,” is about an office building, and at night its workers turn into inhuman animals and objects. The main characters in this story are the narrator and Rafa. Herrera’s story, “The Last Ones,” is about a post-apocalyptic world where few humans are remaining on Earth. In order to have a better life, the main characters, Reu and Pel, must travel throughout space to try and find a hospitable planet with people.
In the stories “The Objects” and “The Last Ones,” both of the characters cross a barrier of sorts, leading themselves to another place. In both stories, the characters leave their work and home setting and move to what can be considered a “better” place. The “better” place is different in each story, and is not a better environment than the previous. People are to assume
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Reu meets the old man at the beginning of the story, the man is joyful and happy to see Reu, until he is eaten by a sea monster. Later on he finds a colony of people who hunt and have learned to use these monsters. The colony offered Reu a place with them, but Reu knew better. Reu assumed that, “sooner or later, the moment would arrive when they shoved one another out of the way to keep from being bitten” (Herrera 109). In this instance, the sea monsters are Americans and the man and colony members are immigrants. The old man was happily keeping to himself, until the monster arrived and took him away. Also, the colony members can represent a group of immigrants banding together to survive, until one of them is caught by American police and the others leave to save

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