Dreams And Symbols In The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams

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In modern literature, one of the very important pieces’ is The Glass Menagerie. In The Glass Menagerie, the author Tennessee Williams explains the dreams and realities that the four main characters one endured in the modern day world. “The setting—a run-down tenement in St. Louis ” (Als) is in the Depression- Era. The constant conflict is this story is slowly ripping the loving family apart. Williams uses different symbols and marker to convey and portray him theme. The incapability of the characters living in the present era is another way he expresses his theme.
In the middle of the city along the dark alleys with many fire escape latter’s is the apartment that Amanda, Laura, and Tom Wingfield. Although Amanda tried her best to make the atmosphere
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Symbols are substitutions that are used to express a particular theme, idea, or character. The fire escape is one of the symbols in the story that is used over and over again. Each character has a different view of the fire escape. For Tom, he uses it in a literal meaning, it is the place he goes to escape. It is the place he goes when his mother Amanda starts nagging, for it is his way out. For Laura, it is where her one day husband will enter and bring the world to her, rather than her to the world. To Amanda, the fire escape is where her future son-in-law will enter and sweep away her daughter rescue …show more content…
He had been escaping reality by going to the movies constantly, “working at a shoe factory that he hates desperate to escape the situation”(Tueth, 21) and always writing poetry. It was all up to him to keep up his mother and his sister, while he had to work all the time. His dream was to become a poet, but instead his mother had a different plan. He would watch after his sister and help raise her and would be the one to find her a mate, that could be her saving grace. In his search for her mate he was actually searching for reality. Without him trying to find someone for her they would all even up living in a

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