The Century National Bank Essay

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The Century National Bank has many different locations in several cities throughout the United States. The CEO and President of The Century National Bank, John Zobus wants to analyze, compare, and contrast the characteristics of the checking account of customers in the many different locations of The Century National Bank. Century National Bank remains keeping customer service as their main priority as well as helping their communities thrive. John Zobus has assigned us to select a random independent sample of 30 customers within The Century National Bank and analyze their checking account balance at the end of month, number of ATM transactions, number of other bank services the customer uses, whether the customer has a debit card, and from which branch each customer is from. A sample of 30 customers will be analyzed from different Century National Bank locations. The reason why we’re analyzing these accounts is because they will be looked at to see how much the checking balance has at the end of the month, number of times the customer uses the ATM, if the customer uses debit cards, what other types of bank services they use, and finally what cities these customers are located in. The possible reasoning for why these actions are being taken note of is to see if there are correlations between one another. For example, with analyzing these actions we can see if account balances affect the number of ATM transactions during the month, if customers with higher account balances…

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