Biological Causes Of Suicide

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The most common reason someone would contemplate suicide would a form of a mood disorder. That also includes with or without alcoholism or substance abuse problem, it could also include certain anxiety disorders. Sometimes when someone is so depressed it can get to the point that they will end their lives. Approximately each year, almost five thousand young children from the ages of fifteen and twenty four commit suicide. With females the biggest factor in suicide is the existence of crucial depression. In some studies conducted have shown that it increases the risk of suicide. The most important thing to look at would be previous suicide attempts which make the risk for suicide even higher. Now with males a previous suicide attempt also increases …show more content…
When someone is depressed the raises the risk of that person committing suicide. If someone is showing suicidal thoughts they should be taken seriously and obtain help immediately. There are many factors that are professionals say contribute to depression but their exact meaning is still unclear. Even though there have been many years of research, they only understand that biological differences exist in people with depression. These biological causes of depression are thought to be present in teens and children as well. (Bieling, 2007)
Things that contribute to depression are physical changes to the brain, neurotransmitter and hormones. Physical changes to the brain are some part of a depressed brain and show less activity than someone with the normal stimulated brain. When a patient is depressed some parts of the brain may lose capacity. The neurotransmitters are messengers that are in the brain and that has shown that it is a cause of depression. In the central nervous system if the serotonin is messed with it is thought to be a direct cause of depression. Also hormones from thyroid problems or menopause can be a major factor of
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Feelings of depression are a normal reaction to loss or the struggles of life. But when the feeling of depression become over bearing and last for long periods of time, that can stop someone from living a normal life. When it interferes causing the person not to proceed with a normal life that is when they need to get professional help.
If the depression is left untreated symptoms of depression can worsen and last for weeks or sometimes even years. When not treated it can cause suffering that can lead to suicide. Being able to recognize the symptoms of depression is a big obstacle to diagnose and treat the clinical or major depression. About half the people who have symptoms of depression never get diagnosed or get the help they need for the illness. When someone is depressed not getting treatment can be life threatening. More than one out of every ten people fighting with depression commits

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