The Causes Of Racial Segregation In The United States

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Segregation is everywhere in the United States. What exactly is happing and is conflict from the past now just getting to a boiling point? Every day in America somewhere an African-American faces segregation in their day to day life. There is no reason for this, or anything similar. We the people are all equal. Certain acts and laws were passed so we could move on but yet people still have issues. An act was passed to help with price discrimination. Kulis, Shaw (1996) It was huge breaking point for the country. Now current issues such as NFL quarterback Collin Kapernick not standing during the national anthem only because he believes his race are being oppressed by the police. This current issue is just one of many that are happening even …show more content…
(2001). he talks about how there is racial segregation in the school systems of America. All schools in America have race integration but that doesn’t mean segregation is not happening. He says that kids in school just by having certain friend groups can cause segregation happen. Children may not be aware of what they are actually doing. When a kid does not let other kids in the friend group because of ridiculous reasons, like being black, segregation happens. Looking at the past we have come a long way as a country, but yet racial segregation is still happening. Another author goes in depth and explains that Americans in general. Mouw, T. (2002). Research has been done to prove that many Americans don’t have friends of a different race. Many people stick to the same which doesn’t create diversity and that’s what America is all about. America is a place where people can be free with minimal government control. The African-American community often live in the same area as well as other cultures and have been segregated in urban areas across America. People may deny it but the facts are right in front of them. It is common to hear people today that “they are paying for people who do not work though most of my tax dollars. Why should we have to work hard for a living and all they have to do is sit around. Most people such as African-American people get the blunt of this statement. With the research from Mouw, the logical explanation from him is that segregation pushes them away from jobs because of bitterness. Thus results in unemployment and causes the economy to fail. It is a cycle of terrible repercussions because it effects everyone. According to Reardon, S., Yun, J., & Kurlaender, M. (2006). If a family has low income and is African-American, they send their child to school. The policy is for income integration, meaning that no matter what color your skin is you can receive financial support in making sure your

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