American History: Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was a huge part of American History. It caused a lot of people to be out of homes and work. The people affected by Katrina had to be dependent on the government for almost everything. Hurricane Katrina had many factors such as the hurricane itself, the federal government involvement and how they warned the people, and the aftermath of the hurricane
Hurricane Katrina had a great impact to the places that it hit. Hurricane Katrina destroyed gulf coast cities and 150 miles of coastline were flattened all in the span of five violent hours, on August 29th, 2005. The storm caused lots of damage to the areas that it hit. Before Katrina even hit on August 27th, the National Hurricane Center upgraded the storm to a category three
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Half a million homes were submerged due to the storm-surge flooding, which in tell caused the largest domestic refugee crisis since the civil war. The flooding was right in front of the wind when it came to damage. Around eighty-percent of New Orleans was under water and debris coursed through the streets, and the towns in southeastern Louisiana ceased to exist. The water caused the most damage and caused the people of the Gulf Coast to be without homes. The flooding of hurricane Katrina was the most detrimental part of it.
The government also proved itself to not be as helpful as they said they would be. The government mismanagement caused human tragedy which proved to be just as cruel as the disaster itself. The government didn’t help its people like they said they would. They told the people after the storm happened that they would help but the people ended up fending for themselves. As a result, the government had proven that they weren’t going to be as helpful as they said they would.
FEMA was a big part of the relief part of the federal government. FEMA were the ones who coordinate all the disaster relief efforts of the federal government. They were the ones who helped the people after the disaster happened. A big part of the relief area for the federal government was
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It’s going to be horrible for anyone affected by Katrina. Hurricane Katrina was the costliest of natural disasters in American History due to the extent of the flooding and damage in New Orleans. The people and government had the most trouble in New Orleans. The people affected in that area were to the point of no return, it would take years to clean and rebuild was was destroyed.
Hurricane Katrina caused a lot of damage to to areas it hit. Hurricane Katrina made landfall barely 24 hours after the NWS released the warning as a category 4 storm with winds that sustained up to 140 mph. It caused damage that made it impossible to live where it hit. Thousands of houses and much of the city was uninhabitable because of the floods. Nobody was able to live in their previous homes. They were stuck going to the places FEMA set up. The areas that Hurricane Katrina had a lot of damage.
Katrina was not the worst hurricane to ever make landfall. It was not the deadliest hurricane in U.S. history and is far from the strongest even though it was as horrific as it was. Even though people were killed and there was a whole lot of damage it wasn’t the worst the U.S. has seen. With around 1600 people killed and an estimated $200 billion in property damage, Katrina was the most destructive hurricane by far. Even though it wasn’t the strongest it caused the most damage. People were out of houses and work for months even years. The worst hurricane to

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