The Causes Of Child Poverty Essay

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Upon researching the causes of child poverty, one will learn that parental income is only a small portion of the sum of unified factors. To name a few; political, communal, environmental, and societal influences all play a role. For example; with the move from a widespread agricultural to a more contained industrial society, the number of jobs in many areas has decreased immensely. Meaning, the average number of "ignorant" workers has decreased also. More and more Americans are reaching poverty each day. Children begin to suffer due to their parents being unemployed. Every day 1 in every 4 children is born into poverty. (Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 1995). This may cause many repercussions in children, that could follow them throughout adolescence and into adulthood. For instance, children that are born into families with a low income are more likely to experience mental health problems and are at risk for unhealthy development.

Greg Duncan found connections between poor health and poverty, cognitive development, emotional well-being, academic achievement, and behavior. Duncan found that women who are pregnant with inadequate resources are about two times more likely to give birth to a baby of low birth weight, and that same child is then two times more likely to become a high school drop-out, and three times more likely have a child outside of marriage (Duncan 1997). Surprisingly, children who experience poverty short term often overcome these obstacles, however, long-term…

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