Essay about The Causes And Solutions Of Homelessness

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Are you that someone who sees a homeless person and immediately goes out of your way to help? Imagine looking for somewhere safe to sleep every night, or trying to stretch a few dollars for a whole week. Every day you see a homeless person on the side of the road but most people never think to stop and help them. You might think that it would be too much trouble for you or they just want your money so they can buy more drugs or alcohol. The causes of homelessness are family disputes, job loss, troubled teen, loss of a loved one, or untreated mental illnesses; the effects are depression, serious health conditions, AIDS/HIV, tuberculosis, and even death. More than half of the homeless people out there have children. One cause of homelessness in families can be not being able to pay for housing forcing them to have to become homeless. “Over 5 million low-income households have serious housing problems due to high housing costs” (National Alliance to End Homelessness). Most of the time one or two parents are working but they are not making enough money to pay for housing. “Every year 600,000 families with 1.35 million children experience homelessness in the United States, making up about 50 percent of the homeless population” (National Alliance to End Homelessness). Homeless children live on the streets some even live without a family every day.
When people lose their jobs they may have just enough money for food or shelter, but not both forcing them to fall behind on bills…

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