Bullying Task Force

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Bullying is a popular disease that affects millions of people in our society today. There are many different ways bullying can be executed. It is classified as “the repeated use of aggression by one or more people against another person or group” (Pellegrini). These words or aggressive actions can cause major mental health, as well as, physical injuries, social and emotional problems, and may even result in suicide, homicide, or other acts of violence (Studer, Jeannine R., Mynatt, Blair S.). There are a few common types of bullying. The most common types are physical, verbal, and cyberbullying. Physical bullying involves any physical harm; such as punching or hitting, threatening acts, and kicking. Verbal bullying consists of actions of name-calling …show more content…
Despite the endless problems to bullying, there are several solutions to prevent and manage bullying. One way to prevent bullying is to assemble a task force. This task force can consist of teachers as well as the students’ parents. The main priority of the task force is to make all parents and teachers aware of how serious the issue is, then implement a plan on how to proceed and take action against bullying. The parents and teachers are mainly trained in crisis prevention and intervention so they knew how to handle these issues (Daily Herald). Task force is one of the main solutions, however; parent training is actually the key component. Most parents don’t play an active role in their child’s everyday life. Parents assume that they will come to them if they have an issue, but the child assumes that the parents will come to them. To fix this issue, the parents should try to get to know their kids a little better and ask open-ended questions so it doesn’t let them get away with one-worded responses (Daily Herald). Along with the changes at home, there should be a change in the school environment as well. Schools and families should, “use a number of different methods to combat bullying” (Pellegrini). These new programs combat bullying by emphasizing on self-esteem, conflict resolution, peer support, and by doing group cooperation activities (Pellegrini). The use of a task force, parental training, and programs to combat bullying would all help prevent or decrease the amount of

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