Causes And Effects Of The First World War

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On July 28, 1914 the world changed forever as the First World War started. The war did not end until November 11, 1918. The savagery did not end there, on September 1, 1939 the world watched in horror as The Second World War started. This war did not end until September 2, 1945. Two wars that the world could not even begin to comprehend happened. Two very different but very similar wars were fought in a total of 10 years with only 21 years in between them. This paper chooses to explore the causes and effects. The similarities and the differences between these two great wars. On June 28, 1914 Gavril Princip a 19- year old Bosnian gun man waited along a parade route in Sarajevo, which was the capital of the Austro-Hungarian province of Bosnia. …show more content…
In World War One Serbians harbored harmful feelings and emotions towards the Bosnian government, because they had controlled for so long. In World War Two the German’s particularly Hitler harbored these same emotions towards the Jews. His hatred was so strong that he had about six million Jews killed. Both of these wars started out on hatred for no reason. These wars were also started by Germany trying to over step its boundaries and trying to conquer the world. The first war dealt with Germany wanting to be a “World Power” and backing the Serbians which ended in defeat. The second war started because Germany felt like The Treaty of Versailles was too hard on them. Hitler said that outside powers wanted to destroy Germany so he was able to get ahold of the German people and start conquering Europe. The U.S. did not join either war right until the end. The U.S. tried to stay out of both as much as possible but eventually got pulled in and had no choice but to participate. They aided countries like Britain and France because they had similar governments and we did more trade with them, than we did with Germany and Austria Hungry. Also, most of the same countries were involved in both the wars. Such as: Russia, France, Great Britain, Japan, Italy, United States, Belgium, Germany, and Bulgaria. The end of both these wars put Germany in debt and they lost …show more content…
In WW2 Germany was led by Adolf Hitler who ended up committing suicide when he realized there was no hope of winning the war, and his dream of an Aryan nation collapsed. Germany entered WW1 because they supported the Austro-Hungarian Empire and they wanted to become a “World Power.” In WW2 Hitler wanted to not only take over but he wanted his vision of the Aryan race to come true. Hitler also wanted to get rid of people and surrounding countries that posed a threat. Both wars were started out of selfishness. One of the major differences of these two wars is that the first war was confined to mostly Europe, but, the second war was truly a world war. There was also seven times more casualties in the second then there were in the first. (Olivia.” WW1 vs WW2.” Difference Between WW1 and WW2. Difference Between, 23, May 2011. Web. 6, February 2016) Both of the heinous wars went down in history. All of the key players are remembered for what part they played. Although, some countries try to deny what they have done no one can escape these atrocities that were allowed to happen. Both of these wars are different but yet very much the same. People couldn’t learn from their past and let it affect their

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