The Cause And Its Effects On The Society Essay

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Nobel Causes Although many children believe they have no power to create change in today’s society, Malala Yousafzai decided to stand up for her rights and oppose the obstacles in her life. Yousafzai chose to continue attending school, despite threats made against her and other young girls by the Taliban. The terrorist group then attempted to murder her in retaliation for her defiance. However, she survived and soon became the face of a campaign to give every child the right to education and young girls the freedom to follow their dreams. Yousafzai is the youngest person to receive a Nobel Peace Prize and in her acceptance speech, she uses different rhetorical strategies to spark a call to action for her beliefs. Yousafzai uses pathos throughout her speech to evoke different feelings in leaders around the world and in those who have felt the detrimental effects of educational deprivation and female oppression. In the beginning of her speech, she uses humor by claiming that, although she wants world peace, she and her brothers are “working” on it. With this comment, Yousafzai reminds her audience that, while being a Nobel Laureate, she is still a teenage girl that goes through the same daily events that typical teenagers handle. Along with the humorous feelings that it elicits, the joke allows the audience to relax and identify easily with Yousafzai and her beliefs by illustrating that she is not an unrelatable figurehead. This emotional appeal is also an instance of…

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