The Caste Society System

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Caste Society is a system which the social levels are closed so that people remain at the same social level as when they were born. Social status is based on race, religion or parental caste. Class society is mobility that allows people to change their socioeconomic position. They are first based off economically, class is determined by weather it was earned or inherited. Second, class is relatively fluid, the boundaries between classes can be crossed. Third, class status is by achievement or education it is not earned or inherited. Social categories are people sharing common characteristics. An example of this could be a group of women or a group of children all the age of 4 there don’t have to necessarily know each other but
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Achieved status is an individual’s credentials or skills while ascribed status is characteristics that are socially important but cannot be changed such as race or gender. Class is how a person is determined such as are the rich, do they have a good job this will effect there life chance which is problems a person may face such as education or work. Social mobility is the fluctuation an individual or group over time. An example of this could be a young middle class student starting college is having a downward spiral due to college debt but once he graduates he has an upward change due to his degree. Net financial assets is a measure of wealth that excludes illiquid personal assets. An example could be someone’s home or car. Political power is being able to exercise influence on political institution or actors in order to realize personal or group interests. Food deserts is areas that lack sources of competitively priced health/ fresh foods. Basically what it means is that healthy food compared to junk food is easier to get. Official poverty line is the dollar amount set by the government that is consider the least minimum to meet basic needs in a family. Meritocracy is a society where a person success is bases on their talent and effort. Basically meaning we get what we earn or …show more content…
According to the text one of the reason for this could be low earning meaning that minimum wage is leaving families struggling. I found this to be really interesting that even working 40 hours a week can’t support a family , it really show the struggle some of America faces.
On page 174 it talks about how in four states North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. Had 141 children working as tobacco workers. They worked from May to October of 2013 and there ages range from 7 to 17. Not only do I found this shocking because they are children who should be at home being just that children, who play and laugh. I’m shocked because it also states that while working there nearly three quarters of the children had symptoms of vomiting, no appetite, headache dizziness, difficulty breathing and much more. The cause was thought to be acute nicotine poisoning. So not only are these poor children having to work but there also getting sick from it. It goes on to say that they are to working in extreme heat, using dangerous tools and being exposed to agriculture pesticides used on the Tabaco farms. At the end of the topic it ask if I think if a parent gives the

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