The Case Of The Corporation Essay

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his trial will aim to determine liability for the injury caused to the Texas plaintiff. The parties that may be liable include Widget Corporati on, Lyle the subcontractor, and the Texas customer. In this case, the Widget Corporation is considered the principal and Lyle is the agent.
If Widget Corporation failed to adequately supervis e Lyle, gave him faulty directions, or hired him not knowing that he was incompetent or unsuitab le for the job then we are directly liable.
We will need to determine if our company made a rea sonable inquiry into the subcontractor’s
4 qualifications or propensities for negligent conduc t, especially for negligence similar to the conduct that caused the accident in question (Rowle tt, 2013). “The subcontractor’s performance history may be the most important evidence on this issue” (Rowlett, 2013). Our company will be held vicariously liable if the agent committed the act “in the scope of employment” (Mayer et al.,
2011). The principle of respondeat superior or the master-servant doctrine extends to acts of which the principal had no knowledge, that he had n o intention to commit or involvement in, and that he may in fact have expressly prohibited the a gent from engaging in (Mayer et al., 2011).
We must seek to prove that the plaintiff is not att empting to invoke the “deep pocket” theory since our corporation has deeper pockets than the a gent, meaning that it has the wherewithal to pay for the injury…

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