The Case Of Stephanie Weiss 's ' Hollow Inside ' Essay

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In the case of Stephanie Weiss, her “hollow inside” (myriam miedzian) gravitated her towards religion. People turn towards religion because it gives them a purpose. Religion encourages people to come together as a community and worship, and by doing this it creates a sense of belonging. Stephanie returned to the Hasidic faith like many others because it makes her feel needed and valued as part of a community that worships a cause in which Stephanie believes. Like many other Jewish women, Stephanie returned to Hasidic Judaism because she believes their lifestyle is preferable since it values women and provides them with an important purpose.
Hasidic women prefer their lifestyle because it provides them with a sense of purpose and feeling of being valued. the role they take, in both supporting the family and being a caretaker. Women in the Hasidic faith learn more math and science during school compared to men, who learn more about their faith and the Torah. This is because men in the Hasidic religion continue their studies longer than women before they begin their careers. During this time women must work to provide for both their husbands and themselves, so giving women knowledge about applicable information, like math and science, early in their education is beneficial for their jobs while supporting their husbands. Some believe that women should be taught about their religion to the same extent men are taught during their education. However, in the Hasidic faith women are…

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