The Case Of Mary Easty 's Warrant Essay

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Perhaps Mary Easty’s warrant had not come as a surprise; the notion that sin ran through lineage was a popular belief among Puritans, and had affected many others before it afflicted Mary Easty and her sisters, Rebecca Nurse and Sarah Cloyse. It was Rebecca who was the first sister to be accused of witchcraft, followed shortly by Mary whose warrant for arrest came not even a full month after she petitioned for her sister and rebuked the claims of the “Afflicted” girls. While chiefly accused by Mercy Lewis, a girl whose claims were bolstered by the testimonies of the influential Putnam family, Easty was also accused by several other parties of maleficium and appearing as a specter that threatened, choked, pinched and poked its captive audience. Whatever the convoluted case might have been and whatever circumstances culminated a guilty verdict, Mary Easty was not a witch.
A warrant for Mary Easty and several others’ arrests was drawn on April 21, 1692 based on a complaint made by Thomas Putnam on behalf of Mercy Lewis, Ann Putnam Jr., and Abigail Williams. Her arrest took place a month after the arrest of her sister, Rebecca Nurse, and a mere ten days after that of her other sister, Sarah Cloyse. She was examined in Court by Judges John Hathorne and Jonathan Corwinthe the following day, where upon her entrance to the courtroom the “Afflicted” girls broke into screaming and choking fits and claimed “Goody Easty” to be responsible for their afflictions. However Easty defended…

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