The Case Of Euphiletus And How He Got Put Trial For Killing The Man His Wife Was Having Relations

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This paper will discuss the case of Euphiletus and how he got put to trial for killing the man his wife was having relations with. Euphiletus testifies that the letter of the law protects a man if he does find his wife in bed with another man and out of anger kills him. On the other hand, the spirit of the law says, because Euphiletus took five days to actually commit the murder the letter of the law does not apply to his case. Through Euphiletus court testimony he has given proof to prove that the murder of Eratosthenes was a justifiable homicide through the great gender roles played in Greek society and as well as the great honor.

To start off, Eratosthenes death was a justifiable homicide in Euphiletus defense. The crime Euphiletus committed was not only a public crime but was also a public service. It was a public crime due to the fact that he gathered all the male neighbors who were at home that night to gather torches and have them as audiences as well as witnesses. Euphiletus brought them as witnesses to prove that he did indeed find his wife in bed with another man, making it then legal to kill the man. His crime was a public service as well due to the fact that he was doing the community a favor. He took evil out of their community. Euphiletus was saving the other man pride and honor by letting his disintegrate. This man, Eratosthenes, was slowly breaking families apart and had committed the two biggest crime; adultery and corruption. Eratosthenes had been…

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