The Case Of Brown V. Board Of Education Essay

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My Objective in studying the case of Brown v. Board of Education is to learn how the segregation of schools came to be abolished.

Brown V. Board of Education was a Supreme Court case in which the parents of non white children took legal action against the board of education for discriminating against non white children. The case that is known as Brown V. Board of Education was actually several different cases that came to the same verdict and were grouped together for convenience, because the issue in each case was largely the same.

Main Idea

In 1892 the Jim Crow laws that allowed for states to discriminate against people of non white ethnicity were challenged for the first time. A man named Homer Plessy was arrested in New Orleans for refusing to give up his seat on a bus to a white man, and contended his arrest in the Supreme Court in the case Plessy v. Ferguson. He argued that the laws that allowed his arrest violated the “equal protection clause” of the fourteenth amendment. The Supreme Court ruled against Plessy with an 8-1 vote, but Justice John Marshal Harlan, who voted in favor of Plessy, started a rally against the Jim Crow laws by stating "Our Constitution is colorblind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens." The decision to uphold the Jim Crow laws led to many similar cases meeting the same end. Despite firm opposition many people continued to challenge the discriminatory laws put in place by the states.…

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