The Case For Contamination By Appiah Essay

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The Case for Contamination by Appiah provides a persuasive argument for globalization in terms of its positive and negative impact on the cultures of our society. A person’s identity comes mainly from their culture or nationality. Culture varies around the world and is influenced by outside ideas. Our cultures change with the time, and if you look closely you will see that there is a social, economic, and cultural interchange. As Appiah states: “Societies without change aren’t authentic; they’re just dead.”
Cultural .globalization opens the door to learning and understanding foreign cultures. The comprehension of these principles reduces stereotypes and misconceptions. The influences of Western culture can be seen through television, the web, and radio. Access to these outlets of information create social changes, such as gender or racial equality, and religious tolerance.
Those who disagree with Appiah’s view on globalization might say that the integration of the modern world into our daily lives will enable us to be “contaminated”. We will lose the things which make our culture unique. Globalization is wiping away the cultural beliefs or values of the nations. I think that “contaminated” culture is better than trying to keep the old traditions. Globalization bring different nations together through common interests and values. This new culture also provides modern necessities such as technology and science.
Individuals who are opposed to the idea of globalization seem to…

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