The Carolina Lowcountry And The Islands Of The Caribbean Essay

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There are specific differences between the Carolina Lowcountry and the islands of the Caribbean. In general these two regions are considered to be separate from each other when being taught to students and other scholars. However, some scholars and historians would argue that the Carolina Lowcountry and the islands of the Caribbean could be considered as one region, the “Greater Caribbean”. This distinction cannot be better inscribed than in the book Hubs of Empire by Matthew Mulcahy. Through his interpretation many things can be gained, but also lost, when looking at the lowcountry and the islands as a whole rather than as separate.
Mulcahy depicts these as well as many differences between the two regions although he explains their shared history of economic interests that lead him to them being part of the “Great Caribbean”. Even though Mulcahy gives evidence to support that these regions can be counted as one which implies that they are similar, the Carolina Lowcountry and the islands of the Caribbean have differences as well. One of the biggest differences between the two is the distance in which they are from each other. From the islands to the lowcountry there are almost one thousand miles between them creating a natural divide that attributes them to being considered separate regions. The way the land is set up is another distinction between the two. The lowcountry has a flat and low terrain that has an abundance of natural resources but with a climate that…

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