The Career Of My Dreams Essay

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The Career of My Dreams As I plowed my way through dozens of students making their way to the classrooms. When I entered the Criminal Justice Classroom there were many familiar faces. My teachers smiling with glee and my classmates that were in the class from the previous year waiting with anticipation. Then all of the juniors made their way into the classroom. Mr. Fredrick told them to sit anywhere trying to sound intimating. The bell rang as it was time for class to begin. Mr. Fredrick and Mr. Rifenburgh stood up and told the junior class to go next door. It was time, the nerves ran through my stomach with anticipation. I felt like I was going to get sick I was so nervous and I was by that time covered in hives. The second year students were getting their career placements. I was hoping that my teachers did not place me on ride a longs with the police officers. As other students were smiling and excited to receive the placement they wanted, my name was then called. “Rebeka Jones,” Mr. Fredrick said knowing I only get called by my first name when I was in trouble. “Bronson Police Department,” my stomach dropped to my knees. I snickered thinking he was joking.
I replied with a trembling voice, “you cannot be serious? I do not have my license.” Deep down I wanted to go to the Branch County Court House.
Mr. Rifenburgh approached me and said “let me make a few phone calls.”
After an hour and all of my senior classmates had been on their way to their placements. I sat…

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