The Captivity Of The Orcas Essay

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As of September 2015, there were 58 orcas held in captivity from Orlando to Russia to Japan, in 15 different locations (These facilities are keeping orcas captive). Seaworld is home to a majority of these orcas, holding 23 of the 58 in their three different locations, Orlando, San Antonio and San Diego (WDC). Many experts and professionals feel as if the orcas are being held in conditions that are unacceptable for both the physical and mental health of the whales. The captivity of orcas is inhumane and should be discontinued.
The captivity of the orcas is detrimental to their health and lifespan. Many of the whales face a variety of health problems, such as more broken and degraded teeth, nonspecific inflammation and a variety of diseases. These issues can cause them to need harmful and uncomfortable procedures, such as endoscopies, oral procedures and have to take antibiotics and antifungals (The Orca Project). According to the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Association (NOAA), whales in the wild have a lifespan that is approximately 50 to 80 years old, and a female orca was recently spotted that is 103 years old (NOAA). In captivity, the whales live from to a maximum of fifty years and the oldest whale in captivity was 47 and is a female orca named Corky. Corky was captured from the wild at the age of three and has been in captivity for 44 of her 47 years. She does have side effects from her captivity. She has been pregnant seven times, but none of her children have…

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