The Cancellation Report And Discussing Current Procedures Essay

720 Words Dec 23rd, 2015 3 Pages
Good afternoon Nathan,

Ren and I have been working on the cancellation report and discussing current procedures. My main goal is to retain our monthly revenue with existing customers, while overcoming objections, and find solutions to fit our customer’s needs. In my opinion, I feel retention is an essential part of a company’s structure. When I look at a company, I see it as having a bucket. Every company may have a different size bucket, but the goal is the same across the board. Everyone is trying to fill that bucket. Without a key focus on retention, it is basically like trying to fill a bucket that has a hole at the bottom. I want to “plug” that hole. I feel the key to retention is perception. If you can change a customer’s perception in a positive way you have fully reinforced the value of the services. In the few months I have been here I can see that there are a lot of untapped opportunities on which I believe we can capitalize. We have a wonderful and effective service/product.

One of the biggest obstacles I face on a daily basis is customers trying to keep our services for free. The common notion I am getting is that EGD will fold and compromise for our customers. Word of mouth has traveled that EGD will not take down a fence and a customer can just stop paying. I know everyone’s goal here is for our customers to see that we are worth it and we stand strong behind our product. I consistently hear customers stating, “Jimmy from across the street has stopped…

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