The Canadian Pilots Had Shown Great Performance During The Battle Of Britain

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The Canadian pilots had shown great performance during the battle of Britain. It was marked as Adolf Hitler’s first defeat and was the first major battle of the war. The Canadian pilots showed patriotism and loyalty throughout the battle. When the British army needed support the Canadian Pilots were there supplying them with whatever they needed. The Canadian pilots stayed with Britain through the whole battle. Canadian Pilots saved the day in the Battle of Britain because the Canadian pilots supported the British, they had all the equipment the British needed, and they never retreated from the battle.

Firstly, Canada had shown patriotism and care for the British army. The battle of Britain had represented the first commitment of the Royal Canadian Air Force to combat in the second world war. The summer of 1940, was a hard time for the allied forces. A large portion of continental Europe had fallen to the Nazis, and Adolf Hitler was prepared to launch a full invasion of Great Britain. To do so the Germans had dominated the air space over the English Channel. His Luftwaffe needed to destroy the Royal Air Force. This was an attack Britain was not prepared for, it was a major Military advance by the Germans against the allies. Canada had shown patriotism and loyalty to the British army by sending their troops to fight with the allies. Despite the dangers and the advances by the German army, Canadian soldiers had shown bravery and loyalty to Britain. Canada was demonstrating…

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