The Campaign Of A President Essay

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One of the hallmarks of American democracy is the election of a president. During the course of the campaign of a candidate, they offer Americans solutions and suggestions that the nation wants addressed. In this past presidential 2016 election season, the issue of immigration became one of the most discussed and divisive points of conversation among the candidates and the voters. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton expressed their views on this issue and offered their own proposals that they felt best addressed the issue to the American voter. The current policy regarding immigration in the United States under President Obama’s administration is to help secure the border, prioritize felons for deportation- not families, and hold undocumented immigrants accountable by requiring them to pass a criminal background check and pay their fair share of taxes, and modernize the legal immigration system ( According to the White House administration, the president’s policies have created success by slowing the number of illegal immigrants into the country. The number of illegal immigrants caught crossing the border is as low as it’s been since the 1970’s. About 97% of all illegal immigrants are convicted criminals or have been caught crossing the border. As a result, the argument continues to be that families should not be deported, but illegal immigrant criminals should be stopped and should efforts made to remove criminal illegal…

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