The Cabin 's Air Conditioning Essays

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1. I stood at the door, flashing my best service-industry smile. The cabin’s air conditioning was on too high again, but everyone pretended they couldn’t feel it. What sort of Scandinavian can’t handle a little artificial cold? I glanced at the empty passageway in front of me and quickly adjusted the silk scarf I was dying to take off. A new group came around the corner and I snapped back into attendant mode. Smile. Greet. Nod. Repeat. A stiff-looking man walked in, barely acknowledging me, and proceeded to annoy the entire cabin, hitting people with his briefcase on the way to his seat, then pulling out headphones, a newspaper and a sandwich before sitting down. I wondered how he managed to fit everything in. The man either had a magical briefcase, or some serious stuffing skills. I almost jumped as my earpiece came alive, bringing confirmation from the airport staff that the gate was closed. I let my co-workers shut the heavy cabin door and retreated to the staff area to prepare the drinks cart. I went through the motions, counting exactly fifteen minutes from take-off before heading out into the aisle. It all went smoothly until I reached the rude business man I had greeted earlier. The sound of a heavy metal song was leaking from his headphones, earning him eye-rolls and pointed sighs from nearby passengers. After calling him twice without success, I tried tapping lightly on his shoulder. It finally got his attention, and he took of his headphones, making it absolutely…

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