The Butterfly Effect Of Daisy Vs. Gatsby?

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What would be the outcome if Daisy had never married Tom, but instead Gatsby? Would the outlook of the characters change? Daisy is a very selfish person and nothing would change the way she thinks or how she does things. On the other hand, Gatsby will give you the shirt off his back to help you out. What if that fateful day Daisy accepted the letter with a whole heart and married Gatsby instead, how would the scenes and the attitudes of the characters change.
It is the day of Tom and Daisy’s wedding when she receives a letter from Jay Gatsby that will change the entire book as a whole and the characters that we know of will change or be non-existent within the book. “‘Not seeing,’ said Gatsby. ‘No, we couldn’t meet. But both of us loved each other all that time, old sport, and you didn’t know” (P140 GG). In the novel, this is what Gatsby is talking about they had both loved each other at that time but Gatsby went off to war which changed everything. Daisy felt alone because of this and went off and found someone else to love and marry. But in the butterfly effect of Daisy marrying Gatsby instead, would have changed this quote, or almost reversed it between the characters. By Daisy calling off the wedding and not marrying Tom but better yet marrying Gatsby will throw off the course of plans
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Daisy was the constant negative in the story between all of the characters in the novel. Daisy was always looking out for herself and nobody else, she did not have a care in the world if affected anyone else. Gatsby, on the other hand, did everything he possibly could have done to be with Daisy. But in the end, Gatsby married to her, or Tom married to her, i believe the same ending would have come of, but one main character still may be alive , The Great

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