The Building Block Of The United States Government Essay

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Democracy is the building block of the United States government. But in the recent past elections, the percentage of registered voters who show up, have fallen to lows that rivaled the elections in WWII. If the voters don’t turn out, the foundation of the democracy falls to pieces. One way to fix this problem is to install a system where it is mandatory for the citizens of the nation to participate in voting, or compulsory voting. Several countries in the world currently have this system in place including Belgium, Luxemburg, and Australia. Due to the compulsory vote, these countries have incredibly strict laws regulating the voting and punishments on those not showing up to vote. Although, on the other side of this, these countries are all ranked high in the world for having some of the most democratic government. Thesis- For the US, the benefits of having a compulsory voting system would out weigh the costs.
The biggest problem in the US in regards to politics is the lack of participation by the general public. Coupled with this, the greatest outcry from the citizens is that the government is not representing them like they are supposed to be. Is that the fault of the government or of the voters? In the last two Presidential elections, in both 2008 and 2012, the percentage of registered voters either barely climbed over 70% (IDEA) or didn’t even make it there. That percentage only takes into account the people who were registered and voted. By looking at the whole…

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