The Bronze Head Of Ife Essay

1377 Words Dec 9th, 2016 6 Pages
Throughout the semester, when observing multiple forms of art; while all struck me to be beautiful, the one individual piece of work that I saw truly inspiring was the Bronze Head of Ife, which dated back to 600 A.D. This work inspired me because of how the art was way ahead of the time period in which it was created. The procedure to craft these bronze heads was complex in the way of casting the metal, and furthermore, it required large amounts of manual labor. This form of artwork was underrated at first, though as cultural and economic factors were introduced behind the Ife Head, the opinions quickly changes. At first sight, many viewers would think the art is unskilled and behind from the European forms of art. However, on the contrary, it has become one of the most famed works of art from West Africa. The art of this magnitude was not yet discovered in Africa, though when it was the head was compared to that of the highest achievements of ancient Roman or Greek art. While the advancement of this piece compared to that created in the times of the renaissance, I believe that this piece was ahead of its time for it established a strong foundation of are within Africa and revolutionized art; it retrospects to the limited amount of resources that were available to the artists. What inspired me most about the sculpture from Benin, Nigeria is the intricate mold in which is required to make it. The immaculate detail that was within the original sculpture was ahead of…

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