Essay on The British Government And The Industrial Revolution

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The British Government and the Industrial Revolution The industrial revolution during the 18th and 19th century was a time of great innovation and progress in England. British parliament helped progress industry and solve societal issues brought about by industrialization. The purpose of this essay is to display important actions and policies the British government established to advance British society during the Industrial Revolution. Parliament did several influential things during the Industrial revolution. England had to bring in capital to support its industrialization, and the capital from the cottage industry would not sustain those goals. One way the British gained capital was through the use of their navy, not only for trade, but also for privateering. This was piracy that was sanctioned by the government in order to gain capital. These ships would seize Spanish ships and take their valuables. The British also had a strong, “central bank and well-developed, flexible credit facilities”(Speilvogel, 444), which made the capital readily available. One of the most important investments the government made was in Transportation. The government spent a substantial amount of money on expanding waterways, paving new roads, and building bridges. Roads and Canals connected major industrial centers in Northern England, the Midlands, London, and the Atlantic, which helped industry grow exponentially because it made it easier, faster, and more cost effective to transport…

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