Essay about The British Government Act Closed

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In December 16th 1773 a group of Bostonians «Sons of Liberty» disguised a large tea shipment. The losses of 10000 pounds are equivalent to 4 million dollars today. In response to this the British government closed the the port of Boston and required the colony to repay all of the losses.This has a major affect, because Boston’s colony was one of the biggest on as well.

The British government enacted five legislative acts, also known as the Coercive Acts. Those acts were intended to restore British authority in the colony.

The Boston Port Act closed the Boston port until the losses were fully payed. The Massachusetts Government Act regulated who was appointed to the council positions. The Administration of Justice Act protected British officials from criminal prosecutions. The Quartering Act allowed the troops from the British army to stay in colonists house. This Act also allowed British to spy on some of the people who were promoting American independence. The Quebec Act extended the Canadian province to the Ohio River Valley and guaranteed the right to freely practice catholicism. For colonist it was a violation of their religious freedom. In May 1774 around 1000 people gathered in Farmington, CT declaring they would resist the British rule. IN septum 1774 On Worcester MA

A fifth act, the Quebec Act, which extended freedom of worship to Catholics in Canada, as well as granting Canadians the continuation of their judicial system, was joined with the Coercive Acts in…

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