The British And The American War Essay

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In 1812, a war began between the British and the Americans; this greatly affected the Indigenous people living in the areas that were being fought on. The British side looked at the Indigenous as possible allies but overall wanted to leave them out of the fight, but that ended up not being the case because the Indigenous people became important allies for the British. The American side did as the British side when it came to trying to leave the Indigenous people out of the war, but the ended up using the Indigenous peoples like the British because they realized that if they did not the British would and the Indigenous became important for the possibility of winning the war. Many indigenous peoples did not really care for the war and only some really got involved because of their trading relationships with one side or the other and another reason is that siding with one side or the other would give them better overall deal. Although neither the British nor the United States of America or many of the Indigenous, peoples wanted to be involved or allow Indigenous people to be involved in the war of 1812, the Indigenous people were a part of both the sides and the war of 1812 directly affected them through their land, and their way of life. In the source “Transformation and Transition: American Indians and the War of 1812 in the Lower Great Lakes” the British in the war of 1812 were more open to the idea of working with the Indigenous people. They had worked with…

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