The Brawl In Mickey's Backyard Case Study

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The Brawl in Mickey’s Backyard case caused a great deal of controversy. In regards to the context one must consider the market stakeholders and the nonmarket stakeholders. In the issue of the Brawl in Mickey’s Backyard; Suncal proposed to purchase a 26-acre site to build condominiums. 15% of the condominiums would be apportioned to Disneyland employees with a reduced rental rate. Since the property was a division of the resort district, Suncal needed special permission from the city council to proceed in the process. Disney Theme park opposed the request and this is where the opposition transpires.
When evaluating the situation we must first look at the market stakeholders and the nonmarket stakeholders, and the power they represent within the company. “Market stakeholders are the individuals that engage in economic transactions while carrying out the primary function of providing society with goods and services; market stakeholders include: employees, stockholders, creditors,
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When Disney started its organization, Anaheim was just a piece of deserted land, but as time changed Anaheim grew tremendously. As a corporation Disneyland should be able to recognize this growth and use it to their advantage. Society changes, and with those changes, social expectations often change. In this case Disneyland has an obligation to be attentive to their employees having to live in high-cost apartments, take long commutes to work, and live in unhealthy situations. Disneyland should be held accountable as the employees are a necessary framework of Disneyland. Not allowing Suncal to build the condominiums introduces an ethical and moral issue for Disneyland.
The possible solution that could emerge from this dialogue would be if Disney agrees to permit Suncal to build condominiums on the property. Suncal could also propose to give Disney a percent of the profits in

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