Essay about The Book ' Will Grayson Would Grayson '

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Will Grayson Will Grayson

Setting- The book mainly takes place in either Chicago or Naperville, where each of the Wills live. The Will who lives in Chicago, along with his not so tiny friend, Tiny Cooper, and Jane, the three of them always have something happening, usually involving Tiny’s love life. The three of them more specifically have significant events happen in their school’s auditorium, a baseball dugout, each of the character’s houses, and a few concert locations. The book also tends to take place in the other Will’s (Naperville) school and house. The last important place in the story that is present in both of the Will’s lives is the pornography shop, where the two Wills meet by accident.
Plot- The story “Will Grayson, Will Grayson” is a story surrounding one major event in two teenager’s lives. The cold Chicago night, when Will Grayson bought a pornographic magazine for his friend as a joke (he wanted to try out his new fake I.D), another underage boy was searching for someone he met online and was suppose to meet in the same store. When Will used his debt card to make the purchase with his actual name, not his fake I.D. name, the other boy asked the sales clerk if he called for him. The two boys then figured out that they had the same first and last names. The two boys have two very, very different back-stories though. Chicago Will (Let us refer to him as C-Will and the other Will as N-Will from now on) and his best friend Tiny Cooper, who is not at all Tiny,…

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