The Book Thief By Markus Zusak Essay

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“The book thief lived to a very old age, far away from Molching and the demise of Himmel Street…. In her final visions, she saw…a long list of lives that merged with hers (Zusak 543).” This is a small excerpt from The Book Thief, which was written by Markus Zusak. It is a World War II story about a young girl and her story; of thieving, of loving, of yelling, and of all that happened through her life. Although there were lots of people, of Himmel Street, who changed, the main person who changed was Liesel Meminger. She is effected by everyone one around her, although her family and close friends changed her the most. For example Hans taught and loved Liesel while the Mayor, basically, had no part in her life. Even though her neighbors and family help her to grow, they also help Liesel when something goes awry or if she is upset. They are there for time’s when Liesel falters, when she does not want to be helped, does not want to be fixed. Even though sometimes she may feel like this, there is always someone there for her or someone she can go to. There are people she can vent to, learn from, experience their life (from their stories), and so much more. All of this changes Liesel, it helps her grow to want words, to want to help, to love people, to hold on to people, and so much more. Hans, Max, and Rudy relationships with Liesel are strong and sometimes she uses them to cope through her pain, thus they effect the way she develops and changes throughout the book
Hans is…

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