The Book Outliers By Malcolm Gladwell Essay

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Just Do It
Success is the correct or desired result of an attempt. Malcolm Gladwell the author of the book Outliers concludes how we can achieve success and he adds that success can be defined in different kinds of ways, but whichever definition we choose it will require an enormous amount of hard work. There are a lot of ways to become successful then we think and each of them consists overlapping identical factors that we need to keep in mind. The factors are such as having opportunities, being dedicated, and etc. However, there is nothing that can come in front of putting in time and effort since it’s the most important and is the major premise if we want to be successful. There might not be a literal key to success, but if we believe we can, we will succeed so just do it. Timing is a key point. If we can realize that the world is full of chances and take them as advantages it will definitely lead to our success, however we don’t realize it at the same time as others do. Although we are given equal amounts of chances, timing creates the difference of when and how we can be successful. If we were born early in the year we have more opportunities, which gives us a big head start of reaching our goal. This opportunity is called The Matthew effect which is an example from the Outliers. The Matthew effect shows a person has more opportunities if they were born early compared to someone that wasn’t. There are more opportunities because they have a higher chance of being…

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