The Book Of Negroes - The Abolitionist Movement Essay

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The Abolitionist Movement Essay

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The novel The Book of Negroes, written by Lawrence Hill depicts the life of a female African named Aminata, and her rough journey while having to endure slavery. From childhood to adulthood, Aminata faces many tragedies and has many horrifying experiences. Aminata is chosen by members of the abolitionist movement to help their movement and she possesses unique features. Aminata however, does not believe that she would make a difference, but her long life chaning, and horrifying voyage says otherwise.Therefore with her experience, strong character, and ability to adapt to a variety of different environments and situations, Aminata is beneficial to the
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This is something that is unimaginable, yet it happened to Aminata. Out of all her harsh experiences, this one is definitely that is not forgettable, and thus indeed shows that she has experienced many events, and is also why she can use this to help the abolitionist movement. Furthermore, throughout the entire novel, Aminata shows a strong sense of pride, dignity, and character. Aminata does not like to show her emotion and pain while in the presence of the buckra. She does this so that they do not receive satisfaction from her suffering. At the time blacks did not receive any respect at all, when they were told to do something, they did; as it can be derived from this text: "Colonial laws regarding statutory rape were not applied to Blacks...Blacks, as well as their children, were prohibited by law from defending themselves against abuse, sexual and otherwise...A slave who defended herself against the attack of a White person was subject to cruel beatings...The females of color received the harshest punishment if discovered in a liaison with a White male" (Browne-Marshall 1). This shows that slaves were not allowed to protect themselves against violence, and as it is evident through the novel, most slaves just followed what they were told to avoid punishment. However, Aminata shows that she is still proud of who she is and does rebel against the White enslavers, and it is clear through the text: "Georgia was ordered to bring every shred of my clothing

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