The Book Of Daniel Analysis

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The Book of Daniel
After reading different discussions and articles on the book of Daniel, this paper will compound the various information discovered concerning many different opinions and information regarding the book of Daniel. The various authors will be Jerry Sumney, Kathryn Lopez and NOAB bible, as well as information from the web. This will be a compilation of each author, thereby looking at the authorship, time era, and the audience. As well as events occurring and the language of the book of Daniel and other historical moments which had occurred along with overall theme.
The author of the book of Daniel is not stated according to Sumney, it is suggested that “it was composed during the second century, this
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One of the biggest challenges the article Reading Daniel: Negotiating the Classic Issues of the Book by Kathryn Lopez, dealt with was time era and the dialect which was written first Hebrew or Aramaic. For instance “Those who hold to this solution would argue that the entire book was written originally in Aramaic. Chapters 1 and 8-12 were then translated into Hebrew at some later date, perhaps during a period of nationalistic fervor that would have caused the resurgence of the use of Hebrew (Lopez 524).”
This article not only addresses the issues or the mystery, of which language was used, but it explores the Historical apocalypses, this is done by Stephen Cook. He breaks down this section of Daniel in a manner that will appeal to all readers. He uses three platforms a “characteristic literary phenomenon (genre), worldview characterized as it is understandable by Millennials and a social phenomenon characterizes movements that endorse an apocalyptic worldview (Lopez 526-527).” The journal article also discusses “The Babylonians stripped Israel of even the appearance of autonomy; and the exile, as is always the case with such catastrophic events, was a tremendous trauma both to people and to culture (Lopez, p. 527). It explains the breakdown
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They would not take heed to what Daniel had told them and Daniel often found himself standing strong to prove his faith to God and in the end the kings would see who the most powerful God was. While we may find the book of Daniel full of glorious tales of his faith and devotion we know that Daniel’s faith in God’s word and laws kept him alive in that lion’s den. We also know that if he had lost faith for one second it would not be the same, but because his faith was profound he was rescued. Today we have become people of little faith and rely not so much on the word of God, but on other means to trust to save

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